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Sheltering Hands

Our Mission: Improve the lives of cats through humane care, spay/neuter, adoptions, education and support services.

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Heroes! This July we honor them and the many forms they take as they better the world.

PetSmart’s National Adoption Hero Week is this July 19th – 25th Sheltering Hands is honored to partner with them at the Lady Lake location (534 US-441) and find loving home for our amazing cats. 

Some heroes fly through the sky – others are more down to Earth… both are amazing and much needed in the world!

Some heroes work hard and labor for the benefit of other humans, impacting them in both large and small ways, at times even at risk to themselves. 

Others heroes serve as a volunteer, foster or adopter, that positively impact the well-being of cats and give them the chance at a new life filled with love and peace.

A hero as a volunteer, armed with litter scoops, flea combs, observant eyes, medical training, feather toys and love!   For the many cats at Sheltering Hands, from kitten to seniors and special needs, and our spay/neuter clients they are heroes.  They are heroes when the cat needs a gentle voice with a soft pet when they are scared.  They are heroes when they provide the food and love they need.  They are heroes as part of the medical team that provides watchful eyes and care before, during and after surgery to ensure their safety.

These volunteers do not set out to be heroes.  Maybe they came to give a few hours because they thought it would be fun.  Maybe they needed to fill up their time or feel needed with a purpose outside themselves.  Maybe a friend convinced them to come. 

A hero as a foster mom who volunteered to work as a nurse in NY during the height of the Covid-19 epidemic. We sent her a picture and update about one of cats she saved and previously fostered of us.  We did not know she was in NY at the time or that she was experiencing one of the worst nights since she arrived there to help.

There were lots of heroes that night.  None of them set out to be a hero, they just did what comes naturally.  A nurse went to care for sick patients because she could bring comfort and healing.  A volunteer sent an update on a cat to the person who saved it.  The cat, who suffered a severe injury, decided he was going to give comfort to a kitten.

A hero who adopts a cat, whether kitten, adult, senior or special needs.  They provide compassion, love and caring.  They give food, clean the litter box, play and cuddle their furry family member.  In exchange, these loving furballs bring joy and happiness to the home and share their “purr power” when their human is sick, exhausted or feeling blue.  For their cat, adopters are the greatest hero in the world.

Maybe you’ll be a HERO and come adopt one of them and add some more love to your home.

Maybe you’ll be a HERO and share, with everyone you know, the event and encourage them to adopt that week.

Thank you for your support of Sheltering Hands.  Without you we would not be able to better the lives of these kittens and all the a cats we encouter throughout the year.  As always, remember "Time with a cat is never wasted".

- Elena G.
  Chair, Board of Directors - Sheltering Hands

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Hi, I'm Gracie! Similar to my name, I am filled with grace... and love.  I adore attention and will roll on my back and look at you upside down to see if I can entice you to give me rubs.  My extra long curvy white whiskers that add to my adorableness don't you think?! I may be an "adult more about Gracie

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