Adoption Info: What you need to know

We're excited that you're considering adopting from Sheltering Hands!  Below is some important information on our various programs related to the adoption process.

How much is the adoption fee and what does it include?
Some programs do not require an adoption fee; however, the traditional adoption fee is $75.00 and includes:

  • Spay/Neuter surgery
  • All age appropriate vaccinations
  • A full medical check-up
  • Microchipping with lifetime registration
  • Personal knowledge of each cat's personality gained from our attentive staff

What are the adoption related programs offered?



What is a Pre-Adoption Application and why do I need to do one?

We are committed to matching a potential adopter with a cat/kitten that is the best fit for each of them.  Understanding a potential adopter's desired cat personality is key to successfully finding a cat their forever home.    Our application process ensures that every adopted animal is placed in an environment where there is appropriate space, human contact, and a commitment to safeguard and care for the animal for its entire lifetime. Our standards are high, but they should be, as it makes it more likely that the cat, and human, will find the connection they are both seeking with each other.
How do I submit the Pre-Adoption Application?

Online Application

Click here to complete and submit the application online.

Print the Application

Click here to view and print the application. Please email the completed application to
with the word APPLICATION in the subject line.


I submitted the Pre-Adoption Application, now what?
That's awesome!  Once recieved, our dedicated Adoption Team will review the application and contact you to discuss it in detail and make delivery arrangements, if approved.  We receive applications from many sources including our website, our auxillary adoption center at Petsmart in Lady Lake and other Adoption sites such as Petfinder, Adopt A Pet, PetCurious etc.   We do our best to make sure our volunteers and staff are up-to-date regarding which cats have applications.  Our goal is to place a cat in a home that is the best fit for the family and the cat.

We ask for your patience and understanding regarding the challenges with multiple application sources and knowing we are making every effort to ensure that we are reflecting the proper status of the cat.

I've been approved, how do I get my new furry family member?
YAY!  We're thrilled that you were approved to add one of our cats to your family!  As part of our process, we require delivery of all cats to their new homes and our Adoption Team will coordinate with you the best way for you to get your furry family member and bring them home.

CLICK HERE to access our "You're Approved, Now What?" Informational Packet