Love for a Lifetime: A Foster Program  

There is a distinct advantage for senior citizens to have a pet in their life. 

The simple act of petting an animal can help lower blood pressure, companionship helps decrease depression and loneliness and the responsibility of caring for "another" often can get  seniors motivated to be more active.  Some senior citizens are reluctant to adopt for fear of becoming incapacitated while having a pet and not having anyone to take on the responsibility when they are no longer able.

The Love for a Lifetime Program is NOT adoption; instead, it is a FOSTER opportunity for the senior citizen to take in an adult cat.

Tell me more about the Love for a Lifetime Program:
  • In general, the human foster must be 75+ years in age and the cat is either 8+ years of age or s/he has a health concern. These requirements may, at times, be altered due to specific circumstances involving the cat and/or the human foster.
  • The cat lives in the senior home until the senior wishes to return the cat to Sheltering Hands.  While we hope this does not occur, it may happen at times due to the senior becoming ill or being unable to properly care for the cat. 
  • The cat remains the property of Sheltering Hands so medical needs are provided through our normal health care channels.  We will provide basic medical needs for the lifetime of the cat.  It is important to note, Sheltering Hands has limited resources and may not be able to treat all conditions.  In the event of certain serious illnesses or injuries, the Veterinarian Staff may need to decide on humane euthanasia for the cat.
  • The senior must be able to provide transportation for the cat to come to Sheltering Hands for all medical needs and visits.
  • The senior provides the food, housing and love.  With more personalized attention from the senior “foster”,  the cat is less stressed and can live out its life in comfort.

How do I apply to be part of the Love for a Lifetime Program?
The cat is matched with the senior based upon the application and interview.  Regular communication our staff is important to answer any problems or questions that arise.  

Click here to fill out an application online
Click here to download and print an application 

Please email the completed application to with the 
"Love for a Lifetime" in the subject line.