Rehoming a Cat

If you are thinking about rehoming your personal cat or if you have found a stray, abandoned or lost cat that you cannot keep, here are some ideas and suggestions we hope will be helpful. Like all rescue groups, our hope is that we can help you find a way to keep your pet or integrate your found cat into your home. We strongly believe that pets are for life.  

Please click on the links below for information and suggestions on finding a home for your cat.    

Misconceptions about Stray or Abandoned Cats

Tips for Finding a Placement for a Stray, Abandoned or Lost Cat

Tips for Finding a Home for Your Personal Cat

(This form collects information about the cat who you are trying to place, if Sheltering Hands does not have any immediate space you can be put on a waitlist.  If you do not receive an appointment for intake evaluation within the next 90 days and you still need to rehome your cat, please resubmit your request.)