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Grey Cat

About Us

Our Vision

To pawsatively better the world.  One cat a time.

Our Mission
We improve the lives of cats through humane care, spay/neuter, adoptions, education, and support services.

What We Do
Guided by our core principle of "it's all to benefit the cat", we operate as a boutique-style, volunteer-based, limited intake, live release, feline-only, rescue.  We provide a variety of services to the local community, including:

  • Maintaining a network of foster homes and residence facilities providing safe, loving, and enriching environments for cats until they are placed in their forever homes.

  • Providing TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) Services for feral/community cats including providing traps, support services, and important vaccinations as part of our low-cost spay/neuter surgery

  • Offering Low Cost Spay/Neuter Surgery assistance for individuals who have a cat, or cats, in their care that need these services.  

  • Being an active part in the local community by forging partnerships with other organizations, participating in a variety of educational and outreach programs about responsible pet care and offering assistance for spay/neuter and injured animal needs.

Who We Are

The Board of Directors provides oversight and creates the long-term vision of Sheltering Hands Inc.

Each member is passionate about their love of animals (especially cats) and is committed to the mission of Sheltering Hands. 

Our Professional Staff members work, under the direction of the Board, to fulfill the operational needs of the organization.

Leslie Hinson

President, Board of Directors

Diane Kupchak

Vice President, Board of Directors

Kim Cooper

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Elena Goulet

Secretary, Board of Directors

Dr. Susie Fromm, DVM

Member-at-Large, Board of Directors

Dr. Tecla Myrick

Medical Director

Rachel Perez

Member-at-Large, Board of Directors

Sylvia Tucker

Member-at-Large, Board of Directors

Sandy Oberg

Member-at-Large, Board of Directors

Dr. Patty Dingman

Veterinarian Specialist

April LeSage

Executive Director

Susan Nastav

Lead Vet-Tech

Stephanie McCole


Mary Loveday

Cat Care Specialist

Debbie Kern

Client Service Representative

Terry Schwartz

Cat Care Specialist

Laurie Cammarn

Operations Manager

Stella Brantley

Adoptions Assistant

Marilyn Vargas

Client Service Representative

Lisa Meyer

Client Service Representative

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