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Adoption Application
Are all household members in agreement with adopting a cat at this time?
Do all household members understand that the average life expectancy for an indoor cat is 15-20 years; therefore, adopting a cat is a significant commitment?
Do all household members, including children, understand the importance of caring for a pet?
Housing Status (please select one):
Have you lived at this address for at least one (1) year?
If you have a pet door, where does it go?
Will this cat be:
Have you had a cat declawed?
If yes, would you do it again?
Have you, or anyone in your household, ever been convicted of, plead guilty, no contest or nolo contendere, to a misdemeanor or felony?
Have you ever relinquished an animal to a shelter?
Do your pets receive regular veterinary care?
Are all pets current on their vaccination?
Can we contact your regular Veterinarian or Clinic?
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