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Spay/Neuter Surgery at Sheltering Hands

What You Need to Know

The $65 fee includes:

  • Spay/Neuter Surgery

  • Pain Medication

  • Rabies Vaccine

  • Proactive Flea Control, Round/Hookworms, Ear Mites Treatment - Revolution or equivalent

  • Ear Tip (optional)

  • General Medical Exam for identifiable medical issues

In line with our core belief to provide the best care possible, we provide, at no charge, all cats with an FVRCP (Distemper) Vaccine.  Through a partnership with Petco Love and our dedicated donors, there is no charge for this vaccine.

NOTE: Surgeries taking place after April 1, 2024, have a charge of $65.


How does the appointment work?

  • Check-In is between 8:00am - 8:45am on the date of surgery.  Due to surgical time constraints, we are ONLY able to check-in cats during this time.  Clients arriving before 8:00am OR after 8:45am on their appointment day will need to reschedule.

  • Each cat must be in a separate carrier or trap.  Wire cages, like dog crates, are NOT permitted.  Any cat in a wire cage will not be treated that day.

  • Carriers should be of the proper size and style for the cat.  No cardboard boxes or damaged carriers will be accepted for the safety and well-being of the cats.  Should you need to rent a carrier, for a refundable deposit, contact our team at (352) 840-0663, option 2.

  • Kittens MUST be at least 12 weeks old.  Any kitten that is determined to be less than 12 weeks old will need to be rescheduled.

  • Cats must NOT eat after midnight the night before for safety concerns.

  • Pick-up is 5:00pm the same day.

  • Payment for services, in the form of cash, check or credit card) is expected at check-in.

Additional Services

FeLV/FIV testing


Praziquantel injection
(tapeworm treatment)




Nail trim



Schedule Early

As a primarily volunteer-based non-profit organization, Sheltering Hands has limited staff and resources. We work hard to help as many cats  as possible.

Our small clinic has spayed/neutered over 15,000 cats since we opened, but the need is always greater than any one organization can handle. For the safety of the cats and our staff and volunteers, we have to place a limit on the number of cats we can do each surgery day.

Save Time on Surgery Days

Make your check-in process faster on surgery day by completing

your paperwork ahead of time. 

Print a copy for each

cat/kitten having surgery

Fill out the form

Bring it with you

All Cats Welcomed

We know that caring people want to help cats even if they are not their own. 

Whether they are homed, stray, feral or part of a community colony, all cats are

welcome at Sheltering Hands.

We offer traps for rent for spay/neuter appointments.  Trap use is free; however, a deposit is required and will be returned when you return the trap.

We thank you for choosing us to provide spay/neuter services to your cat(s).  Please review the following important information to help improve the comfort and healing of your cat from the anesthesia and surgery.


Your cat is recovering from anesthesia and surgery.


Follow the directions below to help improve your cat’s comfort and healing progress:

• Keep your cat confined (cage preferred) for at least 12 hours from release time.

Allow them to recover in a dark, quiet place and monitor them.

• Your cat will regain its normal responses and mobility as the anesthetic agents are eliminated from the body.

• Do not give over-the-counter medication.

• Do not let your cat lick the incision site. Your cat may need an e-collar.


Anesthesia can produce changes in the cat’s perception of movements and noises. We recommend not handling or physically restraining him/her until the next day. Getting scared can cause the cat to try to run or jump, potentially injuring the surgical incision.


• Food should be withheld until the cat has fully regained consciousness; offer a small amount of food.

• All cats may be offered normal meals the next day.

• Adult cats may take 1-2 days to return to normal intake levels.

• All cats may resume water intake once they are awake.


Poor or no appetite after 48 hours could indicate continued pain or discomfort. If your cat is not returning to normal activity within 48 hours, contact Sheltering Hands or your veterinarian.


• Activity for male cats can return to normal the next day.

• Activity for females should be restricted for 3-5 days, especially if your cat is older or was pregnant at surgery.

• Females becoming active too soon may develop more swelling or inflammation at the incision site.


Male cats can remain fertile for 3-4 weeks after surgery.


IMPORTANT: If your cat begins vomiting, has trouble breathing, seems to be in pain, or is not returning to normal within 48 hours, call Sheltering Hands at 352-840-0663 option 4. Please leave a voicemail. As a return call may take 24-48 hours, do not hesitate to seek immediate assistance from your veterinarian or an emergency clinic at your personal expense.


Help others find out about our services and complete an online review at


If you'd like to give feedback regarding any concerns you had with the experience, please email us at so we can see how to better the process for the future.

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