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The Cathy D. Perry Love for a Lifetime Program

Honoring a legacy dedicated to animal well-being.

Sheltering Hands Inc. receives a generous donation to continue a legacy promoting animal well-being by creating the Cathy D. Perry Love for a Lifetime Program.

Since the 1980s, Cathy Perry was significantly involved in promoting animal wellbeing through her pet supply store and philanthropic activities. After her passing in 2020, her son Brandon, and his wife, Diannah, worked with the Estate Trustee in selecting local organizations to support in her memory, including a $112,000 donation to Sheltering Hands.


Sheltering Hands is proud to announce that the senior cat placement program at Sheltering Hands has been renamed the Cathy D. Perry Love for a Lifetime Program and, with these funds, will provide an increase in offerings and services for program participants.


The simple act of petting a cat can lower blood pressure. Companionship decreases depression and loneliness, and the responsibility of caring for "another" can get seniors motivated to be more active. Some senior citizens are reluctant to adopt for fear of becoming incapacitated while caring for a pet and not having anyone to take on the responsibility when they are no longer able.


The Cathy D. Perry Love for a Lifetime Program effectively addresses these concerns. It is not an adoption but a foster opportunity for the senior citizen to take in an adult cat.


In general, the human foster must be 75+ years of age, and the cat must be either 8+ years of age or s/he has a health concern. These requirements may sometimes be altered due to specific circumstances involving the cat and/or the human foster. The cat lives in the senior home until the senior wishes to return the cat to Sheltering Hands or cannot care for them properly.


The senior provides food, housing, and love. With more personalized attention from the senior “foster”, the cat is less stressed and can live comfortably. The senior human enjoys a connection with a loving, furry companion. Currently, there are almost 100 cats successfully placed within the program.


Sheltering Hands Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit cat rescue located at 10397 N US-27 in Ocala, FL. Founded in 2007, Sheltering Hands conducts more than 5,000 spay/neuter surgeries and annually places more than 250 cats in quality and loving homes.

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