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Jermiah's Journey:

creating a sustainable future for a paw-pose

This initiative aims to establish a physical space that embodies our commitment to lifelong bonds. Your support will propel us toward this vision, leaving an indelible mark on countless lives.


Jeremiah's Journey isn't just a campaign; it's a bold vision fueled by a $1.1 million goal backed by a generous $250,000 match pledge.

Since 2007, Sheltering Hands has been committed to bettering the lives of cats through our low-cost spay/neuter clinic, community outreach, and adoption programs. While located in Ocala, our presence around The Villages has grown. We stand at the threshold of a transformative leap forward.


The Cathy D. Perry Love for a Lifetime program connects senior cats with senior humans, fostering enduring companionships at no cost. Cats in the program, eight years or older, find loving homes with humans who are 75 years or older. With medical expenses covered for the cat's lifetime, the program aims to remove barriers to adoption and ensure lifelong care for these cherished pets.


Over 25% of the cats in the program are in The Villages and nearby areas. Creating a facility near The Villages alleviates their need to travel to Ocala for services, reducing stress for humans and their feline companions.


Jeremiah's Journey is not just a fundraising campaign; it's a $1.1 million vision with a $250,000 match pledged. This initiative aims to establish a physical presence near The Villages, furthering our dedication to the well-being of the cats. Your support will propel us towards this goal and create a lasting impact on the lives of countless feline companions and their humans.

Why is it called “Jeremiah’s Journey”?

The heart of our campaign is Jeremiah, a feline ambassador of love and resilience. Adopted with his brother, Jeremiah was returned, not once, but twice, when his human developed allergies. Alone and yearning for connection, he became the living embodiment of the unwavering spirit of these incredible animals. Mourning the recent loss of her cat, Diane encountered Jeremiah at PetSmart on 441 in Lady Lake. Uncertain about welcoming another cat, she was captivated by his fluff, love, and irresistible cuddliness.


Jeremiah's story is the foundation of our campaign, symbolizing our commitment to never giving up on these feline friends, working tirelessly to care for them, and serving as a resource even after they are adopted. It exemplifies the undeniable power of the connection between humans and cats—a connection that transcends challenges and transforms lives.


How will the funds be used?


Creating a Legacy

We recognize that The Villages and surrounding areas is the perfect canvas for our vision to unfold. This opportunity creates a lasting legacy in bricks and mortar while promoting the enduring bonds that will flourish within these walls. As we embark on this ambitious endeavor, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of our community, one space at a time. By naming spaces, we offer an opportunity for individuals, families, or organizations to leave an indelible mark by supporting our mission.


Funding the Future

Achieving our ambitious goal of $1.1 million for our capital campaign is no small feat, but it's entirely within reach with your support. Our bold vision aims to transform not just the physical space but the essence of our community. Every dollar contributed moves us closer to creating a space that fosters growth, sustainability, and kitty cuddles.


With a generous $250,000 match already pledged, every donation you make effectively doubles in impact.


Imagine the ripple effect of your contribution—a ripple that extends far beyond the confines of our walls. By rallying together to meet and exceed our fundraising target, we're not just building a structure; we're building hope, opportunity, and a brighter future for countless cats and humans alike.


Your involvement isn't merely about dollars and cents; it's about making a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.


We understand that philanthropy comes in many forms, so we offer various donation options to accommodate your unique financial situation and preferences. For those at the age where Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from retirement accounts are mandatory, directing a portion or all of your RMD to our cause is a meaningful way to support our mission while satisfying your distribution requirements. Additionally, donating appreciated stocks or securities can provide significant tax benefits, allowing you to avoid capital gains taxes while still making a substantial impact on our organization. Direct monetary donations are always welcome for those who prefer a more traditional approach and can be made securely and conveniently through various channels.


It's important to note that all contributions, regardless of the method chosen, are tax-deductible within the guidelines set forth by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). These tax benefits not only reduce your taxable income but also amplify the impact of your generosity, enabling us to further our mission and reach even more individuals in need. While we strive to provide accurate information and guidance, every individual's tax situation is unique. Therefore, we strongly recommend consulting with a qualified tax professional who can offer personalized advice tailored to your specific circumstances. By working together with your tax advisor, you can maximize the tax advantages of your charitable giving while ensuring that your support makes a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

$2.500 Donation Level

At the $2,500 level, donors have the extraordinary opportunity to leave a lasting imprint by naming a designated space within our facility. By supporting at this level, contributors cement their legacy within our organization and play a vital role in enhancing the experiences of all who walk through our doors.

$5.000 Donation Level

At the $5,000 level, donors unlock the opportunity to make a substantial impact by naming larger and more prominent spaces. Supporting at this level, contributors not only leave a significant mark on our organization but also contribute to the creation of spaces that foster comfort, connection, and well-being for both our residents and visitors. This level of support allows donors to leave a legacy that resonates throughout our community for years to come.

Meet Jeremiah

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